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About Micro Matic Norge

Micro Matic Norge AS is a knowledge partner and supplier of products and solutions for the Norwegian professional market in the segments Installation, Indoor Climate/Building Automation, and Energy/Infrastructure.

Smart solutions since 1969

Micro Matic Norway AS was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters in Asker, with district offices in Trondheim, Bergen, Haugesund, and Tønsberg.

We take pride in offering innovative quality solutions with user-friendliness at every stage and therefore work with some of Europe's leading manufacturers in their focus areas. This ensures us one of the industry's best product portfolios!

Knowledge Partner

In addition to delivering smart solutions for buildings and homes, Micro Matic is a knowledge company. We go to great lengths to create the best solutions for each individual project and follow you and your process from A to Z.

As a professional customer of Micro Matic, we as a knowledge partner will provide you with security and enhanced competitiveness through value-creating solutions, advice, and services.

With our interdisciplinary portfolio and strong professional knowledge, we see the big picture in larger projects, creating integrated, smart solutions where sustainability, energy efficiency, and user-friendliness are at the core.

Interdisciplinary strength


Power Rails

Smart houses

Indoor Climate and Building Automation

Energy and Infrastructure

The people in Micro Matic

In order to deliver smart, sustainable electrical solutions, and also to be a vital knowledge partner, Micro Matic is made up of highly competent, pleasant professionals. Since 1969, we have grown from 2 to almost 80 employees spread across several different departments, each of which constitutes an important part of the whole Micro Matic.

Environment and sustainability

The environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. Micro Matic has always been committed to offering quality assured, energy-efficient solutions, and are specialists in efficient control of light, heat, and ventilation. In 2011, we were certified as an Eco-Lighthouse, and we proudly continue to work to reduce our climate footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, Micro Matic as a company has been a good place to be. The two original employees have grown to over 80 positive and reliable colleagues, with a focus on value creation by making Norwegian buildings smarter and more energy-efficient for a sustainable future.

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