Katalysator is an active long term investor in privately held Scandinavian companies.

Katalysator is a family-owned (Møller/Schage Førde) investment company organized under the holding company Aars ( Aars is also the owner of MøllerGruppen AS and MøllerGruppen Eiendom AS. MøllerGruppen is a leading Norwegian automotive importer and retail group, and employs 3 800 people and has revenues of more than NOK 20 billion. MøllerGruppen is also a significant importer in the Baltic, and owns 65 car dealerships in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States. MøllerGruppen Eiendom owns a portfolio of 350.000 sqm. in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States, mainly related to the car business.

Katalysator's portfolio companies have combined revenues of near NOK 1,2 billion and approximately 520 employees. 

Katalysator was established in 2004 as a merger between Møller Investor, Møller Industrier and Strømmen Forvaltning.

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